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I'm not 'hot'

This week has been one when I've had to take regular breaks from Twitter.  My Imposter Syndrome has been triggered big time by several of the posts I read.  So what got my Imposter going full-bore?  It was reading tweets about 'hot takes' on AI, on gender, on... you name it.  
Reading these posts from agents brought on an attack of the Imposter.  Their manuscript wish lists are full of words like 'hot', 'edgy', 'wacky', 'quirky'.  So how to reconcile these Twitter posts with the quieter posts on their websites about what they're interested in?  How does 'edgy' become 'grounded SF?'  And how does that fit with what they all say they want: a unique voice?  What happens when that 'unique voice' isn't writing a 'hot take' on something?  What if the story isn't 'quirky' or 'edgy' but just quietly gets on with telling a damn good story?  
There seems to be a huge divide between their ideas-…

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