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Towards the end of 2017 I got involved in a bit of a Twitter storm about short story submissions.  One of the SF magazines published their year-end statistics.  They had something like 2,600 submissions during the year.  Guess how many stories they published? 24.  I suggested that, if they only had 24 slots, they were likely to go for already-published authors, and that newcomers didn't stand a chance.
That wasn't the case with that particular magazine, but the discussion soon snowballed into something much bigger, with dozens of writers pitching in to give their experiences.  That was great for me, as it gave me a chance to assess what my real chances of getting a short story published were.  To do it I'd probably have to make around 300 submissions before I started getting anywhere.  And given that I failed to make my 100 submissions target this year, that was going to take me for ever to do.  And if I was lucky, after all those submissions, I might sell three stories in …

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