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That creative spark

On the 2nd September I joined the members of Havant and District Writers' Circle for a retreat day.  This was the Circle's reward to the members for sticking with the Circle as we built it back up from the brink of collapse.
And we we handsomely rewarded.  Our workshop leader for the day was Crysse Morrison.  Crysse is a writer of novels, short stories, plays, and performance poetry.  Her novels include Sleeping in the Sand and Frozen Summer, which Katie Fforde described as "absolutely stunning". 
Both I and Writers' Circle Secretary Carol Westron have attended several of Crysse's workshops over the years at Winchester Writers' Festival, and we and a group of other writing friends have had Crysse do a private writing workshop for us.  So we knew we were in for a creative and challenging day.
Crysse began the workshop by asking everyone to write an acrostic based on their name.   It's surprising how deep those were. Forcing us to write as if we were craft…

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